Chapter II tells of an ideal journey around the world.

Materials, textures, fabrics and images tell legends and real life scenes. They are re-proposed as re-enactments of the countries visited.

Warm spicy scents of India, fine prints and fabrics typical of Japan, glimpses of the Beautiful Country, sunny Greece colonnades, the border between California and Mexico, Sahara dunes and warm Africa, secret gardens, sculptures and paintings.

In this collection the Polaroids imprinted in the mind are revived, memories become art works, art works become murals. Materials, images and colors wisely combined and reinterpreted to blend with the surrounding environment, thanks to their narrative potential, guide professionals as new explorers on this journey.

The color palettes define infinite possible paths through which navigate the pages of our great wallcovering album. A collection to be used to embellish and make unique the environments of our life.