For the academic year 2021/2022 Klamoo has been chosen by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, as a technical partner.
The students of the Bachelor’s Degrees in Design and Fashion Design of the Academy in the two locations in Milan and Rome, will work in workshops dedicated to the creation of products related to wallpaper.
With the advent of digital printing, wallpaper has fully entered the world of design, becoming a real piece of furniture in continuous stylistic evolution that is heavily influenced by the world of fashion.
The creative minds of the students will give Klamoo’s products a new shape, presenting the wallpapers from a point of view never imagined before. Unusual but extremely effective forms, concepts and installation methods, social messages that are expressed and shouted through the designs created.



The meeting point between Klamoo and NABA is certainly the approach to design. Klamoo was born with the desire to distinguish itself from other companies in the sector, playing with considerable differences in styles in the proposed designs, offering its customers heterogeneous collections so as not to remain hooked to a single genre.

For its part, NABA was created with the aim of challenging the rigidity of the traditional academic world and introducing new visions and experiments. An evolving academy with an eye to the future to pick up signs of change by welcoming the diversity of contemporaneity.
The combination can only be a winner.
We will shortly introduce you to the designs that have been selected to be developed. Follow our social pages to discover wallpaper as you never thought it would be.
We want to take this opportunity to thank NABA for the opportunity that has been offered to us. For a small company like ours it is an honor to be supported by such an important Academy. Interacting with young people and helping them develop their projects is an exceptional source of inspiration and a satisfying and fulfilling experience.